How to make a floral crown in 20 minutes


 Whether it is a floral crown, flower wreath or headpiece, adding a floral head piece can easily transform your look from simple to dreamy and romantic.  Throw on a casual summer dress or simply your favourite pair of jeans and white tee, and boom, you are ready to head out the door for a fun date or hang out with your girl friends!

What you need:

  1. Flowers
  2. Millinery wire
  3. Scissors

All you have to do is simply measure the millinery wire around your head and twist the ends of the wire to secure.

Using the flowers, wind them loosely around the headband and fasten with the remaining wire.

Place the floral crown on your head and adjust as you see fit.  I like to wear it a few inches from my hairline to give it a casual chic vibe.



2 thoughts on “How to make a floral crown in 20 minutes

    • kwanann1 says:

      Haha thanks 🙂 Yeah I think it would look nicer if it was real flowers, however I wanted to make it ahead of time so settled with fake flowers, will try real flowers next time!


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