What to do when you feel stuck at work


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One of the reasons I started writing again was despite working for one of Randstad’s top employer as voted by New Zealanders, I had a lot of expendable creative energy that I needed to channel somewhere. This blog would serve to be my creative outlet.

As part of my journey of navigating working life, I learnt a lot about dealing with the feeling of being stuck at work. I wasn’t intellectually or creatively stimulated enough; on top of that I was worried that the work I was doing did not matter enough to make a difference.

Looking back, I have come to realise how foolish I was. During that time in my life where I was doing mundane, routine work, I learned a lot about dealing with people, overcoming negative emotions and the importance of handling conflict well. Through that experience, I am able to share with you 5 things to do when you feel stuck at work.

  1. Take initiative

The most important thing to do now, is to take the lead in voicing out to your manager or colleagues that you have free time and are happy to help out. If there are tasks are up for grabs, put your hand up and volunteer to do that task. Get your foot in the door for projects by being available to do admin or data entry jobs that others may not have the time to do. Project work is one of the best ways to learn to work with people. It is a useful skill, no matter what you choose to do.

  1. Networking

One of the best things I chose to do when I had spare time on my hands was to email my HR manager to have a chat over coffee. She gave me some advice that till this day I still hold on to – you do not have to stress out over finding your dream job. This is because sometimes the perception we hold of our dream job is so high, that it is unrealistic, and no matter what job you end up with, it will fall short. The best you can do is to make the most out of your day and do the best with what you have.

  1. Talk to someone who will listen without judging you

I had a friend outside of work whom I will forever hold dear to my heart. This person listened to me complain and whinge about my struggles without making me feel like a horrible person. She made me feel like she understood what I was going through, encouraged me to chase my dreams and not settle for a second best job. It was something I really appreciated at that time.

  1. Keep learning

Whether it is outside of work, or at work, never stop learning. At work, while carrying out mundane tasks, I chose to listen to podcasts that equipped and empowered me throughout my day. It changed my perspective on jobs and careers. Outside of work, I chose to immerse myself in church activities and hobbies like rock climbing.

  1. Do not quit

I contemplated writing, ‘If all else fails, look for a new job’. Instead, I advise the opposite.  Unless you have been in the same role for more than 3 years, there is usually something new to learn from your current role. You also learn the value of perseverance. Perseverance produces character.  Character produces results.  Chances are that you will be just as miserable at your new job because the problem is you, not the job. Learn to be someone who can bring an atmosphere change to a negative work environment. You are the only one who is responsible for your current situation.  The worst to thing you can do is blame it on someone else.


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